*30 day money back guarantee minus s/h charges. Kiddie Catch-All®
is made with durable, injection molded plastic.
Kiddie Catch-All® FAQ’s

What size is the bag?
9” x 7”

What is it made of?
The bag is made of Nylon

Does the bag material stretch?
Yes it will stretch as it is filled with things.

Does Kiddie Catch-All® fit ALL car and booster seats?

No, unfortunately with the many different manufacturers and designs it is impossible to make a universal fit.  Our design fits the MAJORITY of manufacturers seats on the market.  Also, because the designs change from year to year it may fit one model seat from a prior year but not the present year model.  The BEST option is just to buy one and find out.  We offer 100% refund if it doesn't fit your style car seat.  I have a Britax Marathon car seat that is a few years old and the Kiddie Catch-All® fits it perfectly.  However, the new model Britax Marathon is about 1/2 inch wider and it does not fit on that one.  If you do have a 2010/2011 model car seat you can check the list below to see if your brand is listed.  If you don't see your brand seat on the list it just means we have not yet verified whether it fits or does not fit that particular brand.


2010/2011 model FITS:

Britax Boulevard

Britax Frontier

Britax Frontier 85

Britax Marathon (older model)
Britax Marathon Classic (attach beneath arm rest slip cover)
Costco High Back Booster
Costco High Rise Booster
Costco High Rise No Back Booster
Costco Scenera Convertible
Costco Scenera 40 RF
Eddie Bauer Deluxe High Back Booster
Evenflo Booster
Evenflo Big Kid Deluxe Booster
Evenflo Big Kid DLX
Evenflo Big Kid Amp backless booster
Evenflo Maestro Booster Highlight
Evenflo Symphony 65
Evenflo Tribute 5
Evenflo Titan Elite Convertible
Evenflo Titan Elite Fuller Convertible
Evenflo Tribute V Broughton
Evenflo Triumph 65 LX
Evenflo Triumph 65 Balwin Convertible
Graco No Back Booster
Graco Backless Booster

Graco Backless Turbo Booster
Graco Comfort Sport
Graco Highback Turbo Booster
Graco Turbo Safeseat Step 3
Graco Turbo Booster Elite
Graco Turbo Booster
Safety 1st Boost Air Protect Booster
Safety 1st Onside Air Convertible
Safety 1st Onside Air Whitmore Convertible
Safety 1st Alpha Omega Elite
Safety 1st Complete Air 65 Convertible
Safety 1st Summit Noir harness Booster


Does NOT fit these 2010/2011 models:

Britax Marathon 70
Costco DISNEY No Back Booster
Evenflo Big Kid Colonnade Belt Positioning Booster
Evenflo Big Kid Booster
Evenflo Big Kid LX
Evenflo Chase DLX Plantation Harness Booster
Evenflo Chase LX
Graco Nautilus 3-in-1 Car Seat 
Graco My Ride 65
Nautilus Convertible car seat
Pronto Belt Positioning Booster
Scenera Convertible Car seat

Sunshine Kids Radian 65


What if it doesn’t fit my type car seat?
You can gift it to someone who can use it, give it as a baby shower gift or simply return it for a full refund of your purchase price, less s/h fee.


Can I wash it with my clothes in the washing machine?
Yes, you can wash the BAG, only, in your washing machine.

How do I clean the plastic frame (catch-all)?
Wipe it with disinfectant cloth as needed or hand wash with anti-bacterial soap and let it air dry. We do not advise putting the plastic frame in a washing machine, dryer or dishwasher.

Can I order extra bags?
Not at this time.

What color bags are available?

Does the Kiddie Catch-All come in different colors?

At this time it is only available in Grey.

Can children get their fingers caught in the holes of the bag?
No, the holes are too small.

Is the Kiddie Catch-All BPA free?


What if my child won’t use it?
Follow the instructions that came with your Kiddie Catch-All®. Your child can learn to use it correctly when YOU practice with them in the home with patience and gentle guidance, before leaving on your trip.  Make it exciting for them to fill it up with what they'd like on the ride and celebrate their independence of being able to keep their things close to them now without having to ask for you to hand it to them while driving!!!


Where is Kiddie Catch-All made?

We are proud to say that our Kiddie Catch-All® is manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A.

Who invented Kiddie Catch-All?

Kiddie Catch-All® was invented by a former professional nanny and mommy of a busy, wiggly 1 yr old. Later, the addition of the unique embroidery hoop-like design was the idea of her mother offering simple attachment and removal of the bag. Soon after, mother and grandmother formed a partnership and began selling Kiddie Catch-All to the public!!



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